This year we won’t have the usual Wesak.

[vc_row css=”.vc_custom_1588107103620{padding-left: 7% !important;}”][vc_column][vc_column_text]For many years ‘The Wesak Festival’ has meant for us moving as pilgrims to Pöttmes, the figurative Himalaya valley, where the Buddha will appear year after year to show mercy to Humanity during the period around the Full moon in Taurus.

This Festival is one of the 3 most important moments of the year *for the manifestation of the Divine Plan on Earth beyond any religion and beliefs.

Note: *The first is the Full Moon in Aries, the Catholic Easter, The Festival of Christ, symbol of Love, the moment when life wins over death (light wins over darkness, spring wins over winter, the eternal wins over the temporary).

The second is the Wesak Festival, the full moon in Taurus, originally one of the most important buddhist celebrations, the festival of Buddha, symbol of wisdom now Celebration beyond any religion.

The third one is the Full Moon in Gemini, the day of Goodwill, when Humanity recognizes the presence of a Spiritual & Divine Nature within man.

During the Celebration, at the exact moment of the Full Moon, the energies -one focussed through the Buddha, the wisdom, the Principle of Light – and the other through the Christ, embodiment of the still greater Principle of Love – are fused and blended and together descend to the meditators and to Mankind.

During The Wesak Festival, the group of aspirants, moving symbolically to the Himalayan Valley, becomes a channel for the higher energies released through the medium of this two focal Principles.

Every year in this period we have this great opportunity to find ourselves aligned with the Blessings, the Teacher, the Teachings and in becoming one with our spiritual Community.

It is one of the weeks of the year that we await with the most Respect but also with great Joy.

Someone already starts to feel the vibrations of the Wesak resounding inside a few months in advance, they simply feel it coming in the air, in the Meditations, in life and things happening around.

There is an uncontrollable necessity to purify oneself, to take care of the Bodies and the Soul, to be fully ready when that Moment will come.

Some might find themselves simply overwhelmed by their dark sides and every year, with great effort, they take a huge step forward in their Development, trying with all their might to overcome the internal, ancient resistances that keep them tied to the bad habits of the past.

Every year those who win the weaknesses of the personality and take the effort to bring their personal luggage full heavy burdens of everyday life, have the opportunity to release the sorrow, empty their luggage and fill their life up with as much Spiritual Energy for the next step of its growth. 

The Blessings will drive each person back to the priorities of the Soul, showing again the main path in front of them.

A white and wide path, full of opportunities, love, sense of community, respect and desire to put oneself at the service of those who, in a way, depend, even if partially, on our growth.

Every year, plans are made and ways are thought of, to organize life and days off work around this magical period. 

Sometimes we fight until we find the strength to surrender, to let ourselves be guided by the Lineage, the Great Masters, the Teachings once more towards a renewed ability to flow.

But still, many don’t think that for someone the Wesak Time lasts a whole year!

A year of programs, spiritual work, organization, hopes, devotion and love!

For that ‘someone’, all the work takes place during the whole year from one Wesak to the next, both at a personal and at a community level.

In that long pause between the two Wesak we take care of each other, we learn to take care of ourselves at every level, giving our Soul the opportunity to evolve at a higher step, even more deeply, sowing, building, carrying on..

And then the famous week comes … like pilgrims from all over the world, the Souls feel the need to make this journey to the feet of the Himalayas and within themselves, each with their own role, with Deepest Devotion, to embrace and renew the Mission once again of being Souls of Good Will,

This year there won’t be the usual Wesak, the one we are used to and that has made us feel safe and pampered in our comfort zone for many years!

No, there won’t be the same Wesak!

But if we can carry the same Devotion in our Souls and the same Love in our Hearts, open to the Divine Wisdom and Divine Love, flowing around what we consider as ‘insurmountable obstacles’, whether they are internal or external, then we will have the best Wesak of our time.

We will learn to bring our Bodies (except the physical one) exactly where they have to be … at the feet of the Himalayas, at the Feet of the Holy Masters.

This experience will be unforgettable for each of us!

If each one of us recognize their role and responsibility in becoming a vehicle for the Blessings of Evolution between the Divine Plan and Mankind, each will be able to remember this Wesak forever in their heart.

If we’ll really be able to overcome our weaknesses and be ONE with the Spiritual community, then we will all grow, hand in hand.

In these long months of forced isolation, made up of wide open glances at the future and other more intimate looks at ourselves and at the values of life, we have tried to smell, intuit and follow the change, so as not to be trapped in the mud of static.

We have made many mistakes: while trying to be close to many, perhaps we have left someone out and for this we ask for your forgiveness.

BUT now we are ready to walk together with Infinite Devotion towards that Valley and put ourselves at the service of the Divine Plan with a pure heart, deep Respect and Love.

We hope to have you all by our side, along the path!

No, it won’t be the same Wesak as always … it will be one of the best we will ever remember!

 Always Together in service, at His Holy Lotus Feet

How we can prepare for The Event:

  • In the days before The Wesak, please try to keep a very simple diet, more or less vegetarian
  • If possible for your body, take a daily salt bath with some drops of lavender and rose oil.
  • Practice, as diligently as possible, a deeper purification in Thoughts, in Speech and in Actions 
  • Try to keep your daily schedule of meditations
  • Prepare an area in your house that will be the meditation setting (with pictures; it should be clean on all levels)
  • If possible, start the purification of the area some days before using incense and OM
  • Clarify your ideas about projects and priorities
  • Be aware of what you would like to release 
  • Prepare what you need for writing your projects (and for Kriya Shakti students – you know what to do)

For the Ceremony:   

Please do not eat a full meal before the Celebration, have lunch later   

  • Wear something white or at least light-colored
  • Keep close to you the candle that we have energized during the last 10 days, a flower (the best is the Iris, but any flower is fine) and a bowl of water with some flowers petals.
  • Prepare in a side of the room all the items and the projects you would like to be Blessed during the Celebration (including water and salt)
  • Find the most comfortable position to handle a long meditation
  • Keep your BT close and ready for the practice
  • Keep a spray – alcool, lavender and tea tree
  • Check your internet connection and set up the meeting a few minutes before.

Backup plan for emergency:

  • Prepare a Planetary Meditation for Peace ready to start
  • Be ready to switch to your mobile if the laptop is not working
  • In case the connection should break or for any possible problem that will not allow you to attend the streaming of the Event, please start your own file and be in the meditation at 12.45, repeating and being aware that WE ARE ONE.

For any question please write to[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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