Italian Spiritual Retreat

Are you in need of Spiritual empowerment?

Do you believe that something is missing
in your training as Instructor?

Do you wish to receive pricelessTeachings which
move you forward on your Path?

The Path to Arhatship
and its Retreat


During the year each of us is caught in our daily routine and even if we try to Practice regularly we find ourselves trapped in our own habits, weaknesses, stress and the normal commitment of daily life.

“A Spiritual Retreat gives you the opportunity to take a break from the daily Routine. This is the Wish of the Soul – and it’s also a new beginning for your Spiritual Development.”

Catch the opportunity to create time and space for Meditation, for Awareness and for Calming down.
You will be Together with other Students and Senior Trainers, who will help you to realign your Practice sharing their own Experiences.

These Annual Retreats also give you the possibility to change Levels on your Spiritual Path – you can apply for this change easily during your Registration.

Additionally the Training for the Instructors is enriched each year. You will not just receive the Authorization to teach, but year after year you will be Supported to develop your new Successful Career getting empowered by profound Knowledge.

“During these amazing days Together, you will spend time in a friendly Environment – were you will find time for Inner Reflection, Meditation, Relaxation and Enjoyment as well as for exchanging Experiences and new Ideas.”

Join with Us at this wonderful event!