Hungarian Spiritual Retreat

Hungarian Spiritual Retreat

We are happy to inform announce to You
The 5rd International Spiritual Retreat
in Budapest (Hungary),
from 30th September till 2nd October 2022

Loving Atma Namaste!

Being Together with our Spiritual Family in the relaxing, strong and wonderful nature which gives us the possibility to dive deeper in our Spiritual Practice.

In 2020 we all faced one of the most complicated year in our lives and due to the difficult conditions, it was not possible to open the Retreat to foreing people.

As the situation is changed we can finally give the chance to all of you to join us and enjoy a Spiritual Retreat of priceless value, benefit, to recharge our Energies, to have time and space for purification, in the calmness and the peaceful surroundings.

We are happy to invite You to this 4rd Spiritual Retreat, from 30th September till 2nd October 2022.Organized by the Hungarian Pranic Associacion 


Vesta Hotel Tápiószecső
It is close to Budapest, so it is very easy to be reached with public transportation (flight, train), but far also from the noise of a big city.

Check out the wonderful landscape, its thermal water, clear air and energy filled surroundings.

To participate you do not need to be vaccinated or possess a vaccination or immunity card. At the registration desk we are going to do a free PCR-test for those not vaccinated to be sure every participant is healthy.


You have the possibility to choose between two package
when attending the spiritual reatreat:

Package I

Students and practitioners of The Path to Arhatship (TPA) have the opportunity to practice in the full day program of purification techniques, meditation, spiritual techniques and entertainment. The package includes the Spiritual Retreat price, Hotel costs and full board accommodation.

We give the possibility to step to the next TPA Level for those Students who are practicing TPA for more than 2 years. If You would like to apply to the TPA Level 1&2 please write to us for further information.

Package II

Every Pranic Energy Healing student is free to attend the Morning and Evening Sadhana. During the day you are free to enjoy the opportunities given by the Hotel and the surrounding nature.

The Spiritual Retreat starts early in the afternoon on 29th September and finishes with lunch on 1st October 2021.

For Registration and price packages please contact:

For Hungarian participants:
For international participants:

Become open to the Blessings of the Supreme Being, the Great Ones, the Holy Masters and of our Beloved Maha Atma Choa Kok Sui and manifest them in wonderful healings, abundances, joyful balanced and love-filled happy life.

If you want to be part of this Spiritual Retreat in Hungary join us and become a part of an unforgettable Spiritual Experience.

We look forward to seeing you in Hungary!

The Institute for Inner Sciences Board,
The Prana Hungary Association & the Hungarian Instructors Team