Christmas Meditation in Wien 2020

“Twinkling fairy lights, softly falling snow, the smell of freshly roasted chestnuts tickling your nostrils, a mug of hot Glühwein (mulled wine) to warm your insides, brass bands marching through the streets……. it sounds like a fairytale, but this is real. This is Christmas in Vienna”. (cit. from the web)

For TIIS students is not just this! 

For us it is an opportunity to transform our lives once again, allowing into our hearts the energy of the newborn Master of Love: The Christ!

He gave a new and a Spiritual turn to the lives of man and women of all times and this special loving Energy we would like to recall in this occasion.

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TIIS offers the possibility to the students to prepare our Souls, Meditating Together, dispelling the darkness, the impurity and the materialism that prevailed before the spiritual awakening had taken place.

During the weekend will be also possible to visit the Magical city of Vienna together with our Spiritual family. Vienna is famous for the joyful, warm and romantic Christmas atmosphere.

date from 13 of December to 15 of December 

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