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Welcome to the heart of spiritual transformation at TIIS.

As a The Institute for Inner Sciences (TIIS) instructor in our spiritual school, you play a vital role in guiding individuals toward inner peace, mindfulness, and overall well-being through meditation and spiritual workshops.

Who We Seek

We are looking for compassionate individuals with a profound understanding of meditation, spirituality, and a passion for guiding others on their spiritual journey.

If you have a deep connection to our spiritual practice, a desire to share wisdom, and the ability to integrate technology to enhance the spiritual learning experience, we invite you to join our transformative team.


To become a Meditation and Spiritual Workshop Facilitator at TIIS, you should embody the following qualifications

Spiritual Background

A strong foundation in meditation and spiritual practices. Experience in leading spiritual workshops or meditation sessions.

Educational Background

Before starting the journey with us we request you have attended the full basic curriculum of TIIS.

Technological Proficiency

Familiarity with technology tools that enhance the spiritual learning experience. Ability to use a laptop and technologic tools.

Communication Skills

Good communication skills to guide and inspire participants on their spiritual journey.

How to Apply

Follow these steps to apply for the position of a Meditation and Spiritual Workshop Facilitator.

1. Share your personal curriculum and your spiritual journey, highlighting experiences that have shaped your understanding of meditation and spirituality.

2. Craft a cover letter expressing your passion for guiding others on their spiritual path and your vision for incorporating technology into spiritual workshops.

3. If applicable, submit a portfolio complete showcasing your experience in leading spiritual workshops, meditation sessions, or any related projects.

4. Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview to discuss your spiritual journey, teaching philosophy, and ideas for spiritual education.

Training and Development

Selected Meditation and Spiritual Workshop Facilitators undergo specialized training to align with the TIIS approach, including:

In-depth orientation to TIIS spiritual methodologies.

Integration of technology for enhancing spiritual experiences.

Ongoing professional development in spiritual practices.

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Benefits of Joining TIIS

Contact Us

Thank you for considering a role as a Meditation and Spiritual Workshop Facilitator with TIIS. We look forward to welcoming compassionate and spiritually grounded individuals to our transformative team!

For inquiries or to express your interest, please contact our Spiritual Education Department at [phone number] or [].

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