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Embark your transformative journey of self-discovery with TIIS method with our meditations, spiritual understandings, retreats and pranic energy healing courses.

Retreats and Events

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Hungarian Retreat

27-28-29 September 2024


Discover Tranquility: Unleash Your Spiritual Journey in the Heart of Hungary.

The Reborn Spa for the Soul – Spiritual Retreat is a transformative retreat.Catch the opportunity to create time and space for Meditation, for Awareness and for Calming down…

Italian Retreat

22-23-24 November 2024

LOCATION: Parma, Italy

Journey Inward: A Spiritual Retreat for Transformation in Parma, Italy.

A Spiritual Retreat gives you the opportunity to take a break from the daily Routine.
This is the Wish of the Soul – and it’s also a new beginning for your Spiritual Development…


21 -26 April

LOCATION: Bavaria, Germany

The Wesak Festival Celebration is a unique moment when our true self will be infused with the Loving and Compassionate Energies of the Lord Buddha and the Lord Jesus Christ.
It is a yearly Source of Inner Strength, Wisdom and Understanding of Spiritual Development for all Practitioners…

About us

Get to know our work

Welcome to TIIS, where we embark on a journey of inner discovery and holistic wellbeing. We are an experienced passionate community dedicated to promoting personal growth, inner presence, and a deeper understanding of the Self.

At TIIS, our mission is to illuminate the path to inner knowledge, guiding individuals toward a harmonious and balanced life infused with spirituality.


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The Beginner’s Guide to Meditation

In this ebook, we demystify meditation, debunk misconceptions, and provide simple guidelines for beginners. Download our e-book now to unlock the transformative power of meditation, fostering calm, focus, and well-being in your daily life. Start your path to inner peace today.

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What We Do

Inner Knowledge

Explore the depths of your inner self with our curated resources and insightful teachings. TIIS is committed to providing a platform for individuals to delve into the profound wisdom that resides within each of us.

Meditation Retreats

Immerse yourself in serenity and self-discovery through our carefully crafted meditation retreats. These retreats offer a tranquil space for reflection, rejuvenation, and meditation, allowing participants to connect with their inner essence and becoming part of a spiritual community.

Wellbeing Workshop

Our workshops are designed to empower individuals with practical tools for enhancing their overall wellbeing. From stress management to cultivating positive habits, TIIS offers a diverse range of workshops to support your journey toward a healthier and happier life.

Our Programs

Elevate your consciousness through our awareness programs. We believe that a heightened awareness is the key to unlocking the full potential of the human experience. Join us in exploring the dimensions of meditation and expanding your awareness of self and others.

Courses & Study with us

TIIS and TIIS Instructors offer a wide range of unique courses and workshops which will guide you to discover the meaning of life and the art of revitalizing energy.

Our Pranic Energy Healing Workshops empower you to harmonize well-being effortlessly, as we guide you through transformative practices for a balanced and vibrant life. Join us on a journey to unlock the secrets of energetic wellness and unleash your potential for a healthier, more energized existence.

Our instructor program

Become a TIIS Instructor

Become a beacon of positive change by joining TIIS and becoming an Instructor for Pranic Energy Healing Workshops. As a guide in energetic wellness, you’ll empower individuals to unlock their inner healing potential, fostering a community of balanced and vibrant living. Transform lives and elevate your own journey as you share the profound impact of Pranic Energy practices with others.

You will be guided in a thoughtful path from our Senior and Experienced Trainers to feel confident in teaching and prepared to create your own new business life.


Read our articles

Embark on a journey to inner peace and holistic well-being through our captivating blog. Explore articles on meditation, Pranic energy healing, spirituality, and overall wellness, serving as your gateway to a harmonious and enlightened life. Your personalized guide to a balanced and vibrant life starts here.

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